Writer/ Distributor/ Film Buyer

Jim Prince was born in Germany. He moved to L.A. at age 3. He started his entertainment career with Paramount Pictures in Beverly Hills, CA as a Print Booker to Salesman to Branch Manager. He distributed all of Paramount’s major motion pictures throughout the Northwest. He was offered and accepted a position as Film Buyer for Sterling Recreation Organization, the largest theater chain in the Northwest with theaters in Southern California as well. His duties included attending all major motion picture screenings, making the decisions on which films to procure, and to negotiate all contracts with the film companies. He, also, served as Operations Manager for several of their entertainment venues, including their Bowling Alleys and Swap Meets. He worked for Crown International Pictures as Division Manager to Assistant General Sales Manager. His duties included attending screenings for product acquisition, approving advertising budgets, co­producing “in house” productions, managing the national sales staff, and distribution decision making throughout the United States. He opened his own business as a film buyer/consultant, and owned his own trucking company for transporting film to theaters. He worked in Casting for Bill Dance Studios, and had a few minor roles in several motion pictures and commercials. Jim has recently completed writing two original stories and screenplays with his partner, David Baughn. They are “The Guns” – an action western, and “ED SPIFFY PI – The Case Of The Nursery School Reunion”
– a screwball comedy.





Producer/ Writer/ Distributor

David Baughn is an L.A. native. He was raised in a show business family and spent his teen and early adult years as a stage actor/ theater manager. Most of his professional career was and still is as a Producer/ Writer/ Distributor of motion pictures, including all aspects of creative marketing and advertising. His selling stints started as a Print Booker to Salesman to Branch Manager with MGM. Then, he was hired as Russ Meyers’s National Sales Manager shortly after the success of “Vixen”, and was directly responsible for placing Russ Meyer’s Movies in mainstream theaters across the country. This highly successful endeavor led to the formation of his own company, IFI/Scope III Inc., releasing in excess of 400 films regionally and nationally. He wrote, produced, and distributed “Beyond Evil” and the highly successful “Graduation Day”, which has currently been released in “Blu­Ray”. He served as Vice President, General Sales Manager, and Director of Acquisitions with Crown International Pictures. He wrote a cutting edge comedy book, “Fresh Garbage”, and a new version of the original film, “Microwave Massacre”, called “MICROWAVE MASSACRE – Don’t Go In The Oven!” with co-writer Craig Muckler. They also completed a werewolf horror original story and screenplay “Ripped To Shreds”.
David and Jim Prince have completed two original stories and screenplays called “The Guns” – an action
western, and “ED SPIFFY PI – The Case Of the Nursery School Reunion” – a screwball comedy. David is
the Associate Producer of a completed documentary “A Taboo Identity”, in release Worldwide January                                                                                   2018 through MVD Entertainment. David is in the process of writing a true story and screenplay called                                                                                   “Howard Lake” for Persistent Productions.



Director of Marketing & PR

Bob Cummings is a senior marketing/business development/brand management and sales executive with extensive expertise in strategic planning and tactical implementation. He also owns Cummings Media Productions. Beyond his marketing skill set, Bob is an Actor, Voice Over Talent with his own recording studio, on-camera talent, a model, and producer & director of TV, film and live stage performances. He also performs Host/MC duties for various events and fund raisers.

Bob was the executive producer and co-host for a TV show called “MNshorts” on The CW Twin Cities, in Minneapolis, MN. It showcases the talents of Minnesota filmmakers by bringing the best of Minnesota made short films – often screened only at film festivals – to the “small screen”, and a whole new audience – the general public! (https://www.facebook.com/MNshortsCW23/)

He is also working as executive producer on two feature films currently in the works:

“The Howard” – a suspense thriller based on a true story – a case never solved. Screenplay by David Baughn, Craig Muckler and Bruce Davison.

“Ripped to Shreds” – An unconventional werewolf story – the werewolf is not controlled by the moon… Screenplay by David Baughn, Craig Muckler.



Bob Cummings










Born and raised in Arizona with a wonderful family upbringing.  Jon originally come out to Los Angeles to complete his music engineering certificate degree. Prior he had completed two years of college focused in business. After completing his audio degree, he was approached with a rare opportunity to work on the Academy Awards and he could not pass it down. Now Jon currently works as a production manager and production coordinator on live televised award shows in Los Angles, California and has been doing so for 7 years.  Some of the shows that he has been apart of are the Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, ACM’s, Billboard Music Awards, Hollywood Film Awards, Golden Globes, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards, ACCA’s, Streamy Awards, the American Music Awards and more.

He currently is 1 class away from completing his Information Technology degree from the Arizona State University’s School of Engineering.