Zombie nudists attack campers five years after the closure of the Sunny Buttocks nudist colony in various musical numbers.

Judge Rhinehole orders the Sunny Buttocks Nudist Camp closed down as an affront to the community. The members of the camp enter into a suicide pact, but vow to return for vengeance. Five years later, a group of campers on a retreat argue with each other about religion and sing big production numbers as the group begins experiencing an attrition problem.


Directed by
Mark Pirro

Writing Credits
Mark Pirro

Mark Headley

Associate Producer
Braddon Mendelson

Executive Producer
Tom Naygrow
Phil Vigeant

Music By
Gregg Gross
Joyce Mordoh

Cinematography By
Craig Bassuk

Art Direction By
Lorri Tucci

Set Decoration By
Jim Patterson

Makeup Department
Marie Allen
Denise Beed
Jennifer Charette
Nike De Frisco
Ani Plotkin-Maloney
Carole Pritchard
Stacey Simon
Denise Van Zant

Production Management
Michael Drake

Art Department
Richard Baltin
Paul Bouboutsis
Tom Forrester
Martin King

Special Effects By
Sam Cicchirillo

Visual Effects By
Rich Barry
Jerry Paradise

Forrest J. Ackerman
Judge Rhinehole

Bea Lindgren
Miss Stucco

Rachel Latt
Mrs. Druple

Braddon Mendelson
Peter Trickle

Darwyn Carson
Ms. Luger

Dan Hartel

Kim Kingsley
Male Nudist

Dave Robinson
Reverend Ritz

Jim Bruce
Billy McRighteous

Deborah Stern
Shelly Mammarosa

Barbara Dow
Mrs. Mammarosa

Heather McPherson
Fanny Wype

Peter Napoles
Juan Tu

Steve Wilcox
Lou Jobee

Tony Cicchetti
Art Shoe

Juan Tanamera
Gus Unteide

John McCafferty
Mr. Mucky (as John Paul Mack)

Bruce Brown
Mr. Stokes

Rachel Gordon
Severed Head

Marcus Aurelius Daniels
Ranger Bygbutts

Mike Hall Mike Hall
Talking Head

Joanne Rafferty
Zombie (as Anne Rafferty)

De'Ann Power

Mia Lynne

Robert Allan Gray

Carena Lasko

Richard Harrison

Vibbe Haugaard

Susanna Wallner
Additional Kid

Barbara Hartel
Additional Kid

Myra Jenson
Additional Kid

Scott Allen Caplan
Additional Kid (as Scott Caplan)

Pamela Masters
Additional Kid

Tammy Poo
Additional Kid

Shirley Rocha
Additional Kid

Richard McEnroe
Policeman (as Richard S. McEnroe)

Shane Durkee

Sig Wahrman

Carmelo Machi

Gerrit Meier

Joseph M. Setele

Boyd Timmons

Charles Myrick
(as Bill Myrick)

Richard Lindgren

David Bowyer

Wayne Washburn

Sherry Hernandez

Simon Karma

Douglas L. Smith

Kris Gilpin
Extra (uncredited)

Jennifer Jerome

Brad Waisbren
Van Driver (uncredited)

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