Melanie Welles, a black woman, has been in a relationship with Dave Morley, a white man, for six months. Melanie’s friend, Tess, plants seeds of doubt in Melanie’s mind after being dumped by her white boyfriend. Melanie questions Dave about this. He says that race is not an issue. The next day, Melanie wakes up to a shock: she is now white. She goes to the hair salon where Dave works, but he doesn’t recognize her and begins flirting with her and other girls. She introduces herself as “Ivory Snow.” He then asks her out. Devastated, Melanie uses this disguise to find out if he really loves her.


Directed By
Mark Pirro

Writing Credits
Mark Pirro

Produced By
Mark Pirro

Associate Producer
Ron Curtiss
Jim Rainey

Music By
Mark Pirro

Film Editing By
Mark Pirro

Dani Leon
Melanie Welles (Ivory Snow)

Verda Bridges

Luke Vitale
Dave Morley

Luella Hill
Melanie Welles

Tyrone Dubose

Ernest Kearney

Jim Rainey

Raphelle Hink
Phil's Girlfriend

Buddy Daniels Friedman
Motorcyle Cop (as Buddy Daniels)

Chris De Socio
Street Cop

George C. Simms
Skin Doctor

Karin Gault
Scrappy Gerstel

Megan Tormey
Salon Receptionist

Mario Ross
Man at Salon

Lisa Forrester
Cleaning Lady

Suzanna Griffith
Girl at Salon

Ron Curtiss
Man in Theater

Albert Conrad

Roubye Hart

Betty Robertson

Jeff Henry
Male Tess

Ashlie Rhey
On Screen In Movie Theater (uncredited)

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