CELLULOID SOUL (In post production – Coming 2017)

This movie is about a down on his luck writer who becomes obsessed with an unknown actress from the 1930a. He has no idea who she is or what ever became of her, but he can’t get her out of his mind. When he finally does find out who she is, he gets the shock of his life when he discovers that she is still alive. He convinces her to let him write a screenplay about her life, taking him out of his creative slump. Eventually, she consents to meet with him, and then arrives on his doorstep, looking exactly like she did on the screen, complete with a black and white hue and vertical scratches.

Directed By
Mark Pirro

Writing Credits
Mark Pirro

Mark Pirro

Associate Producer
John Ahern

Music by
Jerry Danielsen

Cinematography by
Bruce Heinsius

Production Management
Hank Grover

Judy Tenuta
Dr. Mulavey

Chelsea Cook

Lauren Baldwin
Ida Beswick

Hank Grover

Azize Erim
Tara Ryder

Paul Bunnell

Dennis Kinard
Monty Suggins

Tony Cicchetti
Officer Duke Evans

Bill Devlin
Patrick Fischer

Ted Nichelson

Barbi Nance
Old Ida

Anne DeVenzio
Valerie Fischer

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